I was involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. I was in the hospital and knew I was going to need to call a lawyer because it was a bad accident. My car was totalled and I had a broken leg plus other injuries. I wasn’t sure who I should call so I started searching around while I was laying in the hospital bed one day.

I searched online to see who the best personal injury lawyers Toronto has are. I found a few different lawyers, but saw that one of them had great ratings. I looked up McLeish Orlando and found even more reviews from clients they helped in the past.

Before calling them, I wanted to ask on social media. I posted a question asking if McLeish Orlando were the best personal injury lawyers to hire. I had several people tell me they were the best around and that if I needed a lawyer for an accident case to hire them.

After hearing even more positive things about McLeish Orlando, I decided to contact them. I let them know that I was currently in the hospital due to injuries I sustained from the accident. They said they can send a lawyer there to talk to me the same day. I went ahead and made arrangements for them to come to me since I wasn’t sure when I would be released from the hospital.

The lawyer arrived as scheduled and we discussed the accident. He said he would need an accident report and could get other information from that report. He said he realized I wouldn’t be able to get around to get all the information he would need to get started. I was thankful I didn’t have to wait to find paperwork and go around and pick it up from various places. This was enough of an inconvenience and the lawyer said he could obtain the information on his own.

I was finally released from the hospital after I cleared a few tests. I wasn’t able to return to work because of my broken leg and was missing out on money from that. I made sure I also gave the hours I was missing from work to my lawyer too.

It didn’t take long to hear from the lawyers at McLeish Orlando. They were able to get the money I needed to pay my medical bills and compensate me for the money I missed from missing work.

McLeish Orland has the best personal injury lawyers Toronto has around. I am lucky I found them and they made the process easy on me. They took care of everything for me and I didn’t need to worry about a thing. I highly recommend them to anyone that has been injured in a car accident or has suffered another type of personal injury. They are fair and work hard to get the money you should get from your accident case.