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Who Might You Work For As An Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Have you considered a career as an accident reconstruction expert? If you have, you’re looking at a very interesting line of work, where you take measurements, witness statements, and evidence to combine them with math and science to try and reconstruct what happened at the scene of an accident, often involving vehicles on roadways.


The tasks can be fascinating, although in fatal cases, it can also be a bit depressing. Still, it’s a necessary occupation for places that want the world to be a safer place. Keep reading to learn just who might hire you as an accident reconstruction expert and why they would need you:


Law Enforcement: Local police are often called to the scenes of accidents alongside medical personnel and firemen. In cases of serious accidents, they sometimes have to record particular information that can be used to reconstruct an accident later, especially in cases of major roadways that need to be cleared as quickly as possible. Their reports and determinations are often used by others further down this list, so their work needs to be accurate.


Departments of Transportation: Whether it’s a municipal department needing to figure out new warning signs and stoplights or a state-level department looking at redoing a major intersection or highway ramp, accidents that happen in places are often warning signs that something needs improving. Accident reconstruction is what often shows exactly what needs to be changed.


Prosecutors and/or District Attorneys: Unfortunately, accident reconstruction isn’t always about preventing future accidents but placing blame or liability for one that already happened. Sometimes, criminal cases are filed and prosecuted against someone that might have triggered an accident that resulted in serious property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. The prosecuting lawyers or attorneys would use an expert to scientifically reconstruct an accident for a judge and/or jury to understand.


Defense Attorneys: On the flip side of that coin, defense counsel can also call their own accident reconstruction experts to either place the blame on someone else’s shoulders or poke holes in the arguments of those prosecuting or suing them.


Insurance Providers: Sometimes, it simply comes down to an insurance provider needing to know who or what to blame for an incident before they decide whether or not to honor a claim and make a payout, or possibly just how much. Oftentimes, they might do an accident reconstruction simply to have leverage in a settlement negotiation.


Vehicle Manufacturers: The companies that design, make, and sell vehicles that are involved in collisions and accidents don’t look at every single incident that one of their models is involved in. They simply don’t hear about many of them or wouldn’t have legal access to the needed data and information. Having said that, when they can, they do often try and do accident reconstruction so they can see how their work stands up in real-life conditions. Accident reconstruction experts also work in their research and development departments doing crash testing and improving safety systems to save lives.

McLeish Orlando Has The Best Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto Area



I was involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. I was in the hospital and knew I was going to need to call a lawyer because it was a bad accident. My car was totalled and I had a broken leg plus other injuries. I wasn’t sure who I should call so I started searching around while I was laying in the hospital bed one day.

I searched online to see who the best personal injury lawyers Toronto has are. I found a few different lawyers, but saw that one of them had great ratings. I looked up McLeish Orlando and found even more reviews from clients they helped in the past.

Before calling them, I wanted to ask on social media. I posted a question asking if McLeish Orlando were the best personal injury lawyers to hire. I had several people tell me they were the best around and that if I needed a lawyer for an accident case to hire them.

After hearing even more positive things about McLeish Orlando, I decided to contact them. I let them know that I was currently in the hospital due to injuries I sustained from the accident. They said they can send a lawyer there to talk to me the same day. I went ahead and made arrangements for them to come to me since I wasn’t sure when I would be released from the hospital.

The lawyer arrived as scheduled and we discussed the accident. He said he would need an accident report and could get other information from that report. He said he realized I wouldn’t be able to get around to get all the information he would need to get started. I was thankful I didn’t have to wait to find paperwork and go around and pick it up from various places. This was enough of an inconvenience and the lawyer said he could obtain the information on his own.

I was finally released from the hospital after I cleared a few tests. I wasn’t able to return to work because of my broken leg and was missing out on money from that. I made sure I also gave the hours I was missing from work to my lawyer too.

It didn’t take long to hear from the lawyers at McLeish Orlando. They were able to get the money I needed to pay my medical bills and compensate me for the money I missed from missing work.

McLeish Orland has the best personal injury lawyers Toronto has around. I am lucky I found them and they made the process easy on me. They took care of everything for me and I didn’t need to worry about a thing. I highly recommend them to anyone that has been injured in a car accident or has suffered another type of personal injury. They are fair and work hard to get the money you should get from your accident case.

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